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Business Seminars and Training From the Company Business Forward


The international expert company BusinessForward was founded in 2004 by the successful creator of several large companies and businesses, one of the founders of the Russian climate market, Vladimir Kusakin.

Vladimir Kusakin is an international consultant, scientist and practitioner focused on results, not theory. In the list of his achievements, there is a conclusion to the leading level of companies: the Northern Empire Consortium, the White Guard Trading House (“monsters” of the HVAC equipment market), the vitamin company Life Formula, etc.

Our work
Seminars and pieces of training are not uncommon today. But the success and effectiveness of pieces of training and seminars depend on many factors and, above all, on the training manager and the training center. Our consultants are leaders of their own companies, having from 1 to 4 successfully developing businesses! We believe that only those people who themselves have reached great heights in management and organization are entitled to advise businessmen. Their personal example is an indicator of the professionalism of their advice.

The system of training business leaders is a new and very effective direction. Seminar programs vary greatly in accordance with the goals and objectives of the training. Depending on the topic of the seminar-workshop, a special line of business or other nuances, various methods and training programs are used.

Our company provides:
• Business training
• Business seminars
• Training seminars
• Business training
• Executive training

We have created all this specifically for YOU – business seminars and training for managers. We help businessmen free themselves from the routine of everyday activities and, finally, begin to enjoy managing their own business. We bring businessmen and their companies to a NEW level.

More than 52 partners work with BusinessForward throughout Russia and the CIS countries. Our company has representative offices throughout the continent, and we actively cooperate with them.

Among the clients, our consultants worked with are the governments of countries (Bulgaria, Suriname), the March 8 group of companies, which includes 30 companies and more than 9,000 employees, the largest companies and factories in Russia (Krasnoyarsk Furniture Company, Furniture Company “Foreman-Kitchens”, Kazakhstan Bread Factory, etc.), as well as the production center “BLACK STAR INC”, which is headed by artist No. 1 in the Russian Show Business TIMATI and others.

We work exclusively with the owners and first persons of the companies!

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