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How to Make Good Investments in Houses Overseas


Investing in a property is one of the safest ways to remain financially stable. Investors have lots of different motivations.

Two approaches can be taken:

1) Buy several properties at once and the houses can be rented out all year for a profit. A sizeable budget will be required.

2) Purchase a single house that can be rented out to tourists for part of the year. The owner of the house can choose to live in this house once retirement starts.

Looking at houses and investing in property in Cape Verde is shrewd because tourists flock there and are always looking for a nice place to stay and they are prepared to pay a lot of rent to the owner. Retirees will also want to purchase their own property in such beautiful surroundings.

How to Make Good Investments in Houses Overseas

Don’t Rush Into An Investment

The first rule of making an investment in this country is to avoid rushing into anything. Draw up a shortlist of different houses that will be suitable.

Inspect The House Before Signing On The Dotted Line

Another golden rule is to inspect the house before signing on the dotted line. The inspection will give potential buyers some peace of mind. Ask questions about when the house was built and look at all the fittings.

Consider The Target Market

A choice needs to be made about whether the property will be rented out to tourists or it will be rented out to retirees. The choice requires some careful thought, so think about the return on investment of each group.

Think About Whether To Live In The Property During Low Season

When the house is being rented out to tourists, there will be part of the year when it is low season. The owner of the house can choose to live there when it is not occupied. This is perfect for retired investors who want to spend some time in Cape Verde.

Consider Whether To Live At The Property Permanently

Retirement means that it is time to kick back and enjoy life to the fullest. The person who invests in the property may have no desire to rent it out to anyone else. Family members can stay in this house free of charge when they want to have a holiday of their own.

The Main Advantages Of Cape Verde?

  • The island attracts a lot of tourists which means that rent will be guaranteed for the owner of the investment property.
  • People love to retire to the island because it is clean, safe and offers excellent property choices.
  • The houses in this part of the world are painted white so they will reflect all of the heat in order to keep everyone cool whilst they are inside the living room or kitchen.

A Shrewd Investment

Choose a property company which has a range of different houses on offer. Check the rental possibilities – the house can be listed as an independent rental for family members and tourists who are visiting the island.

This is a shrewd investment for anyone who wants to earn rental money. Good luck!

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