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Introduce Your Parents to Online Recharge


Mobile recharge is easy and convenient, but it might baffle your parents. Here’s how you get them to learn to do it themselves.

Your parents often come to you for their mobile recharge. You do it gladly, but sometimes you are too busy or traveling to do it. If the recharge is not done in time, their phone might get temporarily disconnected. So you get them a smartphone and tell them to do the recharge themselves – after all, it is the easiest thing to do.

Introduce Your Parents to Online Recharge

Before you expect your parents to do mobile recharge…

Most elderly people are not technologically savvy, and even their own phone might boggle their minds. Many are frankly afraid of advanced technology and prefer to use older mobile phone models instead of Internet-enabled smartphones.

So merely giving your parents a smartphone will not help –get them acquainted with it. Start with:

  • Show them basic functions: How to use different apps, how to set the ring tone, how to use Google, how to use the camera and torch, etc.
  • Take them through items of interest: Your dad might like to watch sports or read the news. Download a good live TV app on his phone and teach him how to access and search for content that he likes. Your mum might be an inveterate reader – download an e-book app so she can have books with her wherever she goes.
  • Download messaging tools: Parents like to stay in touch with their children and family members. Instead of calling each person individually, they can communicate swiftly and in a cost-effective manner using IM, FaceTime, and social messaging apps. Teach them how to download the most useful messaging apps on their phones.
  • Teach them about bill payment: Instead of paying their household bills, they can do it using their mobile phones. Install my airtel app on their phones and take them through the step by step process of paying their utility bills.

Teaching your parents about mobile recharge

Now that your parents are reasonably conversant about bill payment and using different apps on their phones, it is time to get them to do mobile recharge on their own.

Many senior citizens today own prepaid phone connections since their usage is quite low. Most elderly people use their smartphones only to make and receive calls. Others use them for texting or browsing their social networks. Very few senior citizens actually use their mobile smartphones for bill payment or recharging mobile connections.

Prepaid mobile recharge needs to be done often, as soon as the pack validity is over. So your parents will have to either take your help or go to the mobile store for a recharge. Instead, you can install my airtel app on their phones and teach them to do their prepaid mobile recharge in the following way:

  • Open my airtel app installed on the phone and click ‘Prepaid recharge’.
  • Study the balance still available on the prepaid connection. Pick a quick recharge option listed on the screen (Rs 100, Rs 200, Rs 249, etc.) or go to the payment option (Airtel money, cards, net banking) in case your parent wishes to enter a specific amount of recharge. If paying by cards, you should enter your parents’ card details. You can save the card on the app so that they can do the payment the next time without entering card details.
  • Click ‘Recharge now’ and enter the recharge amount your parent wishes to pay. The mobile recharge is now complete and they can use the phone as always.
  • The app also allows your parent to change their current Airtel prepaid plan for another one. They can also opt for a postpaid connection at a later date.

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