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Is Blogger Outreach an Absolute?


Over the years digital marketing has gradually evolved from B2C to P2P (person to person). Today, successful marketing lies in the ability to connect with people who inform others about you rather than pushing your message directly to the people. To do so, one has to contact specific bloggers since they command quite a large number of the target audience and they can influence their purchasing behaviors through their published posts.

Recent research shows that a huge number of the online population (81%) believe in the information they receive from their bloggers and that 2/3 of them have made purchasing decisions based on what has been recommended by the blogger. Developing a better blogger outreach can prove to be a hassle if not performed right. Below are some tips that can help one reach out to bloggers and reap SEO rewards while being cost-effective at the same time.

Is Blogger Outreach an Absolute?

Establish deep-rooted relationships with your bloggers for sustained advocacy.

To attain the true blogger outreach value and success, one should invest in forming strong relationship bonds with their preferred bloggers. Successful strategies exist beyond the “spray & pray” (one-time mentions) tactics.

Bloggers who constantly mention your brand to their followers not only affirm the organic and authentic content fit but also provides the type of advocacy that yields action as opposed to the one time mention. In fact, some bloggers posts may sound so organic that one may not recognize a sponsored post until the come past a disclaimer at the end.

Hosting blogger events can help improve your brand visibility.

Sending out numerous samples or offering free giveaways of your products can be costly as well as inefficient to boost sales. Instead, consider hosting an elegant, on-the-scene event where bloggers can learn and experience about your brand first hand.

These face to face events usually creates a much stronger ongoing relationship between you and the influential bloggers and gives them a piece of in-depth knowledge and authenticity when they are jotting down facts about your brand.

Use blogger outreach tools where possible.

The blogger outreach database by LovingDA is one perfect place to start should you want to meet experienced bloggers who will help you achieve greater success with your brand. Loving DA was designed to reduce SEO costs by providing high quality, natural backlink that aids your website to rank well above your co-rivals.

Basically, the outreach tools will provide you with an incredible search outreach database, guest posts as well as enormous blogger outreach opportunities. This, in turn, helps one to get the right links that best appeals to them.

Launch an exceptional campaign.

Honestly speaking, the most successful blogger outreach campaigns are usually very creative. Try using a different approach when contacting your bloggers rather than the common cliche methods used by your competitors. As they say: Unique is the new attractive.

For instance, if you are launching a product in the soap and detergent line, you can send some expensive brand clothing such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabanna or Polo that are so stained to your bloggers that they may fail to realize what that piece of clothing is. Of course, they should be accompanied with your product so that when they wash the clothes the brand gets revealed. With such a blog post, it can attract plenty of women and laundry washing companies to acquire your product.

Blogger outreach is the absolute method to add to the many approaches you have towards digital marketing. Remember, bloggers are usually busy people, therefore make the most out of your relationship through being very respectful as well as having a personalized outreach.

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