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Security Ninja- Best Plugin to Protect WordPress Sites


WordPress is considered as the most common and popular content management system and more than 40% of the websites are developed on this CMS. This cm offers a wide range of features to the users, however, there are certain flaws associated with it. All websites have at least one vulnerability issue. Thus, it becomes important to protect your website from hackers and keep it safe. One of the easiest ways to protect your WordPress site is to find a plugin that will monitor your site and protect it from external exposure. Security Ninja is one such plugin that provides the best solutions in terms of website protection and safety.

This plugin should be a vital part of your WordPress website. Whether you are a novice in this field or you are a pro in working with numerous WordPress sites, you should maintain the optimum security of your website. Do not let the hackers copy the contents that took months and even years to come live on your website. Do not allow the hackers to crush your website as they tested a script on the black forums. You can stay stress-free with the Security Ninja as the bodyguard for your WordPress website.

Security Ninja- Best Plugin to Protect WordPress Sites

This plugin is helping WordPress users for more than 7 years. Within these few years, this plugin is being sold 3000 times on the CodeCanyon and now the plugin is completely free to use. After the installation of the plugin in your WordPress site, you will be assured that the entire site is under the monitoring of the security. With just click with the mouse buttons, you can perform more than 30 security tests and can keep a check of your WordPress site. After all the tests are completed, the Security Ninja will display an organized table with each point that you want to know. The points might show you green that indicates that your WordPress site is in Good condition or the Critical Red that indicates that your website is being affected. Once all the tests are performed, you will get a detailed description and tips regarding what steps you can take to solve the issues.

If you compare the features of this plugin with others, there are many making you confused about which one to choose. Though there are various plugins that will protect your website this one will actually do the tests and find out the loopholes in between.

Here are some of the tests done by Security Ninja-

1. Database configuration tests
2. File permissions
3. Version hiding
4. 0-day exploits tests
5. Debug and auto-update the modes tests
6. WP tests

Some of the core modules of this plugin include-

1. Core scanner- this helps in testing all the codes in the WordPress files. It goes deep inside the website architecture and finds the files.
2. Malware scanner- this mainly looks for the virus or the malicious code present in the core files. It also does the function of cleaning up.
3. Scheduled scanner– this feature is very helpful. This feature automatically checks the site and sends the email update.
4. Event logger– it tracks the events in the website.
5. Auto fixer– with this feature, you can fix the complicated security issues just with 1 single click. If you do not want to create backups, mess with the codes or edit the files; you can do it with the auto fixer.
6. Cloud firewall– with the help of this module, you can ban more than 600 million bad IPs before they open your website.
7. Database optimizer- when you are adding content to the website, it leads in accumulating lots of data that might slow down the website. The database optimizer helps in solving this problem.

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