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Deciding on a Brand for Your Business


Your brand is the face of your business. Your customers might not know the face behind the business but they will definitely understand your business based on its brand identity.

A brand can influence how loyal customers are to your products and the sales you make on your products. If you want to know the best way to decide the right brand identity for your business, this article is for you.

Focus on the Solution Your Business Provides

According to Forbes, the most important part of any business is the image created around its name. When deciding on a brand, you should not focus on you, but on the image, the business portrays to the customers.

Notably, customers are interested in a product due to its ability to solve a problem. Therefore, to evoke interest from your audiences tell them how your brand can help them solve a need. For instance, you might be a security firm that offers peace of mind or a grocery store that offers convenience, ensure you include the solution you offer as part of your brand identity.

Deciding On a Brand for Your Business

Give Your Brand Some Personality

A personality for your brand defines the values and beliefs behind your business. It also makes it easy for customers to relate to your business. In this case, you can choose to use a unique logo or a brand archetype.

A logo is like a door to your business. It is what greets your audience. We all know about first impressions. They can make you or ruin you, right? This is why you need to choose a unique branding and logo design.

Use a logo that identifies some traits of your brand. For instance, the Target logo uses circles to convey a sense of community to the consumer. Another example is the Apple product logo that displays traits such as innovation and intelligent which is what we expect from Apple products. Google is yet another example of a simple logo that makes great use of color and lettering to stand out.

A brand archetype relates your business to something that your audience already knows or can connect with. For instance, consider some popular brand archetypes that you can definitely relate to:

  • BMW: The Ultimate Driving Experience
  • Lego: Inspire and Develop the Builders of Tomorrow
  • Whole Food: Health Nut

When choosing an archetype consider using some popular brand archetypes for your brand such as

  1. The hero archetype which makes your brand appear like a winner or an achiever. For example, BMW falls into this category.
  2. The regular guy archetype makes your brand appear humble and puts it at the same level as your clients. For instance, companies such as KFC, Facebook, and Uber have a warm way of communicating with their audience.
  3. The creator archetype displays a sense of creation, innovation, and craftsmanship. Examples of such brands include YouTube, Apple, and Lego

Make Your Brand Unique

According to Jeff Bezos the executive officer of Amazon and owner of Washington Post, “a brand for a company is like a reputation for a person.” If you want a good reputation, it is important that you create your own distinct identity. Do not try to copy some of the big brands in the market. This will give you a bad reputation among your audience. Further, there are customers who are probably looking for a unique brand. Try to be original. A good way to stay unique is to tell your business story. For instance, consider how brands such as KFC and Jack Daniels have grown due to highlighting their personal histories.

Bottom Line

Deciding the best brand for your business doesn’t have to be difficult. The above pointers can help you come with a brand identity that stands out and connects with potential customers.

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