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Essential Features for a Great Trade Show Booth


If you are planning to be part of an upcoming trade show, it is critical to find the right trade show booth for your brand. The kind of booth you’ll use to display your solutions will either make or break you.

As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make the first impression – this rings 100% true for trade shows. Remember, there’s a little bit of everything in a trade show, and the audience can easily be distracted by what other people are offering – including your competitors. The best way to ensure that you capture and keep the attention of passerby is by using a quality booth, displays, and tactics.

Essential Features for a Great Trade Show Booth

But how do you do that?

It can be hard to differentiate between a good and an excellent booth for your brand – especially if you are doing it for the first time. It’s often recommended to work with a professional who will help you integrate your brand as well as marketing needs into your final product. That said, here are some essential features for great trade show booths:

High-resolution graphics

Full-sized, clean – yet colorful graphics that cover the entire display will catch the eye. It is important that your display stands out, and strongly highlights what your business is all about. If you aren’t sure about this, it may be worth it to work with a professional designer or invest in an excellent trade show graphics to help communicate your message better. Whether the graphics highlight your solutions or displays your service in action, it is paramount that a high resolution is used.

Technology and interactivity

Thanks to advancements in technology, you can use multiple channels to communicate with your audience. A trade show does not limit you either – use interactive displays and videos to tell your story or showcase testimonials to draw people in. Social media is also a great tool – today, people share content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even make YouTube videos for an enhanced trade show experience. You can also have your visitors do that for you – with a little incentive of course.

Logos and branding

The essence of having a booth in a trade show is to make your brand known to people and to attract new prospects. As such, you want your brand name and logo to be featured at the focal point – which is often the center of the booth. You may also want to have a table runner that has your brand name and logo, and other details like your website and apps to provide your visitors with more resources. Branding and logos should be positioned at eye-level and used in different parts across the display. Slogan or tagline should be placed next to the logo to tell the visitor what you do and how you can help.


Light draws attention and can increase the display appeal of your booth. Proper lighting not only allows people to focus on the message that you’re trying to pass across but also adds depth to the product space by lighting the side walls, back walls and shadowed areas. But most importantly, proper illumination ignites the mood.

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