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Encouraging Repeat Visitors to a Website


Websites are one of the key ways businesses and organizations become accessible to their customers. Developing a solid base of consistent online visitors to your site is key in boosting your online business, as well as encouraging the transition from web to storefront interaction. Here are some tips for encouraging repeat visits to your website.

Rotate your home page content. By changing the content or images shown on your home page periodically, you give visitors the impression there is always something new to see on your site. They are more likely to visit again if they anticipate finding new information. Treat your opening page like a newsletter highlighting recent news related to your visitor’s needs. Alternate photographs on your home page to reflect changing seasons or promotions. Even including a small script that displays today’s date can subtly communicate that your site has new information to impart. You can see more about that here.

Encouraging Repeat Visitors to a Website

Provide tips and instructional articles that aren’t sales related. Online visitors are very savvy in recognizing a strong sales pitch. They like to get useful, free information and credible advice. Consider adding a section to your site for customer tips related to your field of expertise and helpful articles on topics of interest to your customers. You will develop a reputation as an “expert” in your field, and your visitors will use your site as a resource, returning often for the next posting of information.

Include interactive features. Online users love to give their opinions. Consider adding a weekly or monthly survey, discussion topic or contest to your site. Visitors will relish the opportunity to become a member of a community of customers providing you with valuable feedback. Schedule feedback surveys or contests at regular intervals and advertise via your email list. Visitors will return to participate as well as view results and follow the comments of others.

Use email marketing to connect your visitors with website content. Provide only the first few sentences of an article in your ezine with a link to the full article on your website. Include related links to other services or information to move visitors around your site. Send promotion announcements that must be redeemed at your website.

Add a blog or RSS feed to your site. Even on a company or organizational website, a blog can be an effective tool for keeping visitors informed about upcoming events and specials, for relating industry “insider” information and for encouraging visitors to return to your site. Including an RSS feed allows visitors to be notified when new content is added.

Take advantage of social bookmarking sites by submitting your newsworthy or industry-specific content. This opens your site up to a new visitor base and also allows your content to be searched and promoted virally.

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