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YouTube Predictions for 2019


YouTube is always coming up with fresh and new innovative ideas and never miss upcoming trends. And, there are always engaging with their audience base, and their interests, which is why YouTube is set to be to one of the social media platforms that come out on top this year. And, this is why.

The Rise of Vertical Video

Since Instagram launched IGTV, vertical video’s popularity has taken off. Vertical videos are also a much more user-friendly format when it comes to watching on mobile, which is why so many more users prefer this type of format. However, since the vertical video was introduced, YouTube was a bit slow off the mark to catch on and have since been playing a game of catch up. But, after a few formatting issues with vertical videos, YouTube has caught up very quickly and have also introduced vertical video ad’s which prove that it isn’t going to be going anywhere soon. If anything, 2019 will prove to be a big year for their vertical video format.

Geo-Located Video Searches

When a user searches for videos on YouTube, it will generate and display location-based search results. This means that YouTube’s algorithm prefers video searches according to the location. This can be particularly attractive to new businesses that are trying to appeal to their local and surrounding areas.

YouTube Predictions for 2019

New Video Ad Formats

One of the competitive advantages that YouTube has is its offering of different video ad campaign options. Overlay ads, display ads, bumper ads and skippable and non-skippable video ads are all available in Google AdWords.

Artificial Intelligence

YouTube is using artificial intelligence to improve user experience and streamline its services.

It is also helping businesses monetize their video marketing efforts through improved analytics. Thus, creating a better way to determine a campaign’s ROI.

360-Degree Content

360-degree videos have been gaining popularity on YouTube over the past year. This type of video content is a brilliant way of creating an immersive experience for those watching the content. Many brands are now getting on the 360-degree video bandwagon to better present their business to existing and prospective customers.

YouTube Influencer Channels

Just like Twitter and Instagram influencers, using YouTube creators as influencers is a brilliant way for businesses to generate a great ROI through sales. Influencer marketing on YouTube can also be a great way of reaching a new audience that a business hasn’t tapped into yet. For example, last year used Big Shaq as an influencer for a campaign that promotes their app. The majority of their YouTube videos receive about 500 views but this one is up to 1.7 million in just a year.

YouTube Live

Video on social media generates over 1000% more shares than text and images to combine. And companies using video experience a lot more web traffic from search engines compared to those who are not using video content as part of their digital marketing strategies. Live video streaming ensures that brands are discovered in search engines.

For businesses, broadcasting live on YouTube means that they can observe who is interacting with the content in real time and have live style chat with viewers. However, Facebook Live is currently the most popular platform for live video streaming, even exceeding YouTube. However, this could simply be because Facebook has over 2 billion users compared to YouTube’s 1 billion users.

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