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Five Star Sales and Service School


BusinessForward together with Michael Bang launched a project!
A five-star sales and service school has opened in Moscow. In a cozy classroom, located near metro Akademicheskaya, your employees can receive first-class training. In addition to Moscow, the courses discussed below can now be obtained in Voronezh and Cheboksary, Rostov-on-Don and Samara, as well as in Chelyabinsk. In the near future, the opening of such classes in several cities is expected. And now in more detail …

Every seller wants to learn how to work with customers better. The time of passive waiting for incoming calls and clients has passed. It’s time to learn how to create sales and influence the results with your actions.

Our survey of executives confirmed that staff, sales, and finance remain the main barriers to business development. Sales are made by company personnel, specifically managers or salespeople. They bring finances. The root of the development problems of most companies is the insufficiently

high level of sales, that is, insufficient training of staff .. Think about whether the sellers of the company work to their maximum? How effective are they?

Of course, the company is developing faster if sales are at a high level. How about your salespeople, sales managers, and other transaction managers?

The sale is a profession. To become a chemist, physicist, bank clerk or professional driver, a person spends time learning. What about becoming a sales master? After all, this is possible only with the help of theoretical training, systematic training, and analysis of successful actions and mistakes.

Such training can be obtained by attending a seminar by Michael Bang for sellers. But … Michael Bang is alone, and our country is so big. And he also leads seminars in other countries 🙂 A

Video Course is better than a live seminar, because :

1. It is cheaper

2. It has much more exercise and training

3. What is incomprehensible can be studied until it becomes clear.

4. You can go through it when it’s convenient (Michael comes to the city once every 3 months at best)

5. The video course focuses on application and results

The seminar left a deep impression, Mark De Turk is a wonderful speaker, his speech is bewitching, and it is a pleasure to absorb his knowledge, skills, and abilities.

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