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Smart Ways to Make Money Outside Business Hours


Whether you’re looking to pay off debts, to save for a holiday or to start putting aside money to meet financial goals, a side hustle can help you to get there faster. Thanks to the growth of the gig economy, having a job on the side doesn’t have to interfere with your full-time work, as there are plenty of smart ways to make money outside business hours. A side hustle can be the perfect way to pay off expensive debt like short term loans such as bad credit loans.

Teach what you know

From teaching a musical instrument through to helping someone to improve their conversational English, preparing for maths exams or just learning how to cook, whatever skills you have could be a lucrative side hustle. Evening and weekend lessons a couple of times a week could be the key to helping you to accumulate more cash in a shorter period of time or start to pay off guarantor loans or other types of secured loans that you may have.

Smart Ways to Make Money Outside Business Hours

Be a local gardener

You don’t have to be a landscape artist to be able to do the maintenance on someone else’s garden. Gardening, such as mowing the lawn, is a chore for many people and one that they are willing to pay someone else to come in and do for a fee.

Write online

We are increasingly living more and more of our lives online and that means that businesses are constantly looking to populate websites with great content. If you have experience in writing or talent for putting together a great blog, you could make plenty of extra income from this job on the side.

Start an Etsy shop

For anyone who has a passion for arts and crafts, Etsy is the place to monetize it. From homemade candles through to art and knitted baby clothes you’ll find a market for what you create here.

Walk other people’s dogs

Especially at weekends, many people don’t want the hassle of keeping up with regular walks for Fido, which means there is a great opportunity for committed canine lovers. If you already have experience with dogs then you’re likely to be more successful in this role, which could be developed into a very lucrative side hustle.

Drive a taxi

Whether you join a business like Uber or just work weekends with your local taxi firm, driving people from A to B is a great side hustle. You can usually choose the hours that you work and you’ll also be able to decide how far you want to go in terms of distance jobs.

Become a mystery shopper

If you like to shop or visit restaurants or coffee shops then you could get paid for reporting back on your experiences as a mystery shopper. Brands will pay big to collect this kind of data and you have complete control over the hours and amount of work that you do.

Sell your photos

If you’re already a bit of an amateur photographer then this is the perfect way to make some extra cash. Sell your photos as stock photos via a site like Shutterstock and you’ll get paid each time someone uses them.

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