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Differences Between Clawhammer and Framing Hammer


There has been a debate in the world of carpentry of which is the better hammer between a framing hammer and a regular hammer that creates divisive opinions among carpenters and builders who still take advantage of this ancient working tool that has evolved to many forms through the innovation of technology.

Hammers have been used since the early times of the Humans including the stone age until it evolves to the hammers that were made up of iron in the early civilizations and slowly developed into the hammers that we are using today for a different purpose. In fact, during the ancient wars, a lot of warriors and soldiers use hammers as their weapon of choice aside from using it for industrial purposes.

Differences Between Clawhammer and Framing Hammer

With the advancement of the technology, it is hard to fathom that hammers have become obsolete to many industrial works because of the presence of nail guns which for many is far more convenient, safe and easy to use that buys a lot of time for most workers but still, a lot of people uses the conventional hammer that is more affordable and the more preferred tool of choice for many.

In this article, let me help you in picking the right hammer that is suitable for different tasks so that you’ll prevent yourself from any untoward accidents that might cause you an injury and to save you time, money and energy. Most of the common hammers available in the market are the framing hammer and the claw hammer and these two have created a series of debates on which of the two is the best. The best framing hammer and the best claw hammers can only be determined in its material composition, its durability and its ability to last for long even in harsh working conditions.

Both hammers have a lot in common but each one of it has also sets of differences in terms of its head, shape of the claws and its overall weight, as well as its size and length of its handle. If you want to debate which one is better, well you’ll just making yourself more confused because each hammer has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages that are determined through its uses, but it is also healthy to have this kind of debate because it will teach us the differences between the two hammers and which one is best used for a specific task so that you’ll be using the right tool for the job at hand.

A framing hammer is not for tapping, this type of hammer is best used by holding the handle close to the base as much as possible and simultaneously swing it to its long arc to effectively sink in the nail to the wood in just a few swings. Framing hammers are not ideal for finishing carpentry; meaning this kind of hammer does not completely leave the head of the nail’s imprint to the wood.

Clawhammer, on the other hand, has literally a claw at the back of its head to pull out any nails that must be removed. The claw hammer’s head is waffled which means it is intended to be shaped that way to prevent it from slipping the head of the nail. Claw hammers are mainly used not just digging the nails deep into a block of wood, it is also mainly used to drive out nails through its arced claws which enables the user to remove the nails in a pivotal manner.

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