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What Does Your Broadband Offer You


Do you get lightning fast speeds, huge monthly data, and a reasonably priced plan? If not, it’s time to switch to Airtel broadband.

Life has become extremely fast-paced since there is simply no time to wait around for things to come to their logical conclusion in their own time. You must make things happen instead of waiting for opportunities to come knocking on your door. But to accomplish every goal in life, you need the right set of tools and expertise to get going.

The same applies to the Internet you use. There is no getting away from the fact that the Internet is required to power each person’s life today. But though most of us have unfettered access to the Internet, we choose not to maximize the potential of the digital medium. Even today, despite the presence of Smart TVs, cable and broadband Internet connections, several people continue to use individual mobile dongles on their laptops or use their phone data instead of switching over to Wi-Fi.

What Does Your Broadband Offer You

Getting a good broadband connection for the home is a great investment – it can connect many devices on the same connection, and offer fast and uninterrupted access to the Internet at all times. It is also a cost-effective solution for the family’s Internet needs.

You may already have a broadband connection at home, but are you 100% satisfied with it? Does it offer you all that you seek from a good connection at the price you pay? If not, you need to consider broadband offers from Airtel.

The best in broadband offers, only from Airtel

Almost every mobile service provider today offers broadband connections, as does your local cable provider. There are also local area broadband providers with attractive offers. But where most people err is in considering only the monthly price – it is certainly an important consideration, but not the only one.

The most important factors to consider when studying any new broadband offers are the Internet data speeds being provided and whether the connection is always on. Always-on connectivity ensures that your surfing experience is never interrupted.

Amongst the current service providers in the country, only Airtel ticks all the boxes in terms of connectivity, speeds, monthly price, and regular broadband offers to benefit the customer. Consider its current broadband offers for Delhi:

  • Plans within monthly, six-monthly or yearly spans: get four plans each under all (refer to the illustration above)
  • Fabulous discounts on buying the six monthly or yearly plans from Airtel. There are savings of up to 15% on the six-monthly plan and up to 20% on the yearly plan.
  • Unlimited local and STD calls on each plan under the current broadband offers.
  • Super-fast Internet speeds ranging from 40 Mbps to 300 Mbps, basis the plan you purchase.
  • Monthly broadband data ranging from 150 GB to 1200 GB, depending on the plan you purchase.
  • Bonus data on certain plans, and data rollover feature for unused data in the previous month.
  • Free Amazon Prime subscription for one year based on the plan you purchase.
  • You can upgrade to V-fiber super-fast broadband Internet if you already have an existing connection.
  • Get a free router on every new broadband connection.
  • Always-on connectivity with nil chance of sudden outages and interruptions in bad weather.

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